Add Balmain-like embellishments to your favorite army jacket. Photo: Karl Prouse/Catwalking/Getty Images

Want to add a little glam rock to your tried and true garments? Sew some metallic fixtures on to clothes that are already in your closet or are newly made. Here are tips on how to decorate your favorite pieces:
  • Metal Primer: You'll find all sorts of useful instructions online when it comes to heavy metal mania. Check out this free excerpt from Connie Long's Embellish Chic. Learn how to set grommets and eyelets and even use zipper teeth as a design element. Or try this quick tutorial on installing a grommet (it's for a tarp, but the same principles apply to clothing or handbags). There's a video version as well. Here's where to find grommet and eyelet kits.
  • Studs and Spikes: In case you were wondering, this site pretty much wrote the book on metal gear. Go here fo a quick lesson on goth spikes.
  • Lady-like Touches: Grommets don't always have to be tough. Here's a great tutorial on how to use grommets in a feminine fashion to create this adorable tank top. If you want to to really go over the top in girly toppers, this corset tutorial should do the trick.
  • Heavy Metal Accessories: Take a gander at all of the great metal accents on this wholesale industrial site. From buckles and snaps to chains and eyelets, you'll find a feast of hefty hardware.
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