Photo: German Missions in the United States

What's better than scratch-and-sniff stickers? Scented stamps, we say.

Today's WWD reports that Deutsche Post (a.k.a. the German national mail service) has released four new stamps for charity that are perfumed with the scents of lemon, strawberry, blueberry and apple.

How do these stamps release their perfume? Recalling your 80s sticker album, simply rub the fruit's image and then take a delicious whiff.

German officials would not say which fragrance house had created the scents.

What's surprising to us is that many other countries have been printing stamps with olfactory benefits since as far back as 1973, when Bhutan released rose-scented stamps. Um, hello, U.S.A., what are you waiting for?

We'll file this fragrance news under our "who knew?" category for use at dull cocktail parties and other awkward moments.