Gum Wrapper Prom Dress Iowa Teen Elizabeth Rasmuson

For formal wear that will really pop at the prom, follow this couple's design lead and make it out of gum wrappers. Photo: AP

So much for "slutty chic." One high schooler made her own prom trend for 2010, and it's, er, bubblelicious.

While her classmates were no doubt hitting the racks for satin Jessica McClintock frocks, crafty teen Elizabeth Rasmuson of Garner, Iowa designed her own prom dress -- out of more than 200 bubble gum wrappers, The Huffington Post reports.

Because, you know, nothing says "prom" like Bazooka Joe.

Inspired by stories of duct tape prom dresses, Rasmuson and her boyfriend started collecting blue and white Wrigley 5 gum wrappers last August, according to the site.

And while their jaws may be sore, their efforts paid off, with the couple reportedly celebrating the big night in a vinyl-coated silvery blue strapless gum wrapper bodice gown and matching vest, respectively... not to mention some really, really fresh breath.

Forget college. Get this girl to a "Project Runway" casting stat!

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