What lurks beneath Sarah Brown's long dress? Photo: Getty Images

Like many of us, even the U.K. prime minister's wife has less-than-perfect feet.

Telegraph reports that Sarah Brown (wife of Gordon) revealed her scrunched toes at a visit to a Hindu temple over the weekend, making us all feel a bit better about our own corns, bunions, calluses and otherwise knobby feet.

The paper interviewed a podiatrist who evaluated the photo of Mrs. Brown's feet (click here to see it!) and was just short of horrified:

"She's got an overlapping fifth toe, which is a congential deformity. But she also looks as if she has dry skin and her big toe nail is rather thick, almost a ram's horn. She should have it ground down with a nail drill."

His reaction seems a bit harsh, after all, she's got to attend important government events on a daily basis. And like most of us, she surely knows that a bit of a heel can make her look taller and slimmer, even if they do eventually wreak havoc on our tired feet. The Telegraph reporter certainly empathized with Brown's plight, having her own poorly maintained feet.

"'Ohmigod you must try a gel pedicure,' said one colleague, unable to believe that my foot grooming regime was still stuck in the dark ages of nail clippers and chipped polish. I hadn't even thought about waxing my toes to get rid of any short hairs."

Though we are firm believers in biweekly pedicures, sometimes we wonder if it's our fault that south of our ankles we aren't in the best shape. The article relieved us of that guilt, quoting Lewis Stuttard, an orthopedic surgeon on the topic, "I've known nuns who wear flat, round-toed lace-ups all their lives and who have terrible feet. It's a myth that we should wear flat shoes.

The ideal is a one and a half inch heel. We were built for running on the balls of our feet through mud, not walking on hard flat surfaces."

So if the ideal heel height is one and a half inches, why oh why are all the Louboutins we covet more than four inches high?

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