Burt's Bees new line of natural toothpastes will roll out to grocery and drug stores this month. Courtesy photo.

Natural toothpastes seem to be the new thing.

First, there was Luster Whitening's launch of their holistic aromatherapy White 7 line, and now Burt's Bees is adding their All-Natural Toothpaste to the race for eco-friendly grocery aisle options.

The toothpastes come in both fluoride (99.2% natural) and non-fluoride versions, and feature cranberry extract for its potent antibacterial properties. In much the same way that cranberry supplements are often used to treat and alleviate the symptoms of urinary tract infections, the powerful red berry detaches harmful bacteria from your mouth so that you're left freshened and sanitized. Calcium and phosphorous are included to strengthen teeth.

A kids' selection of toothpastes accompany the line, with fun fruity flavors like Orange Wow and Berry Bee that adults may be tempted to steal. Moms training little ones to brush their teeth for the first time will also appreciate that the toothpaste can be swallowed without any harmful effects.

And best of all, we dug up a sample request form that you can use for a limited time to try the new toothpastes for free.

The tree-hugging brand also has plans to honor Earth Day -- which co-founder Burt Shavitz celebrated for the first time 40 years ago -- by sharing free samples and fruit smoothies made with bicycle-powered blenders in New York.

If you don't live in the big apple, you can still get in on the fun by with a cool online reality tool that transforms your picture into a version of Burt based on questions you answer about your eco-motives.

Sure, it's a little 'different' -- but so is Shavitz.

The long-bearded beekeeper whose portrait graces many of the product packages today continues to reside in a 350 square foot converted turkey coop in Maine, where he has lived Henry David Thoreau-style for the last several decades. While Shavitz sold his company in the early 90s, he still continues to provide occasional guidance to the brand in order to keep it authentically earth-loving.

We're willing to bet that turkey coop is pretty well-stocked up on product.