The camera loves Iman and, from the look of things, the feeling is mutual.

In the midst of juggling her role of mother with that of mogul, Iman paused to star in an exclusive FASHIONAIR film in which she shares intimate details about her journey to becoming a fashion icon.

StyleList got a first look at the video, which opens with the Somali stunner reflecting upon being forced to flee her native country in the late '60s due to political unrest.

However, Iman's tumultuous transition to Kenya ultimately led to her being discovered by world-renowned artist/photographer Peter Beard.

And what a remarkable twist of fate it was. Just watch the video clip below to see for yourself.

The 54-year-old beauty reveals that her first encounter with makeup was during a Vogue magazine photo shoot, where the makeup artist asked if she had "brought her own foundation." The answer was no and she ended up being painted a "ghostly" gray hue.

Iman goes on to explain how this experience led her to build a cosmetics brand that allows women of color "to be beautiful in their own skin, on their own terms."

Head over to to watch the film (premiering today) in its entirety and catch additional stylish videos of Christian Louboutin, Margherita Missoni, and Rachel Roy.

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