Here's what's happening around the web this morning:

British Retailer Sells Padded Bikinis for Seven-Year-Olds
British clothing chain Primark is under fire for selling padded bikini tops for young girls. Um... awkward.
[Daily Express]

"Cross-Dressing" Fashion Show Canceled at Elementary School
A fashion show honoring Women's History Month at a New Jersey elementary school has been nixed after parents complained that their sons would be forced to wear women's clothing. Dare we ask how they celebrated Black History Month?
[NBC Philadelphia]

Kardashian Sisters Wear Body Paint in New Boutique Ad
Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian rock black body paint "dresses" in a racy new ad for their Miami boutique, Dash. Sherwin Williams has some explaining to do.
[Us Magazine]

Avon Taps Keri Hilson As Spokesmodel
Singer Keri Hilson has signed on to replace Jennifer Hudson as a celebrity fragrance spokesmodel for Avon. Poor Jennifers -- always getting the heave-ho.

Catherine Zeta-Jones In the Buff for Allure
Zoinks! Catherine Zeta-Jones leaves little to the imagination in her nude shoot for Allure's May issue. Way to keep the clothing budget down.
[Daily Mail]

Dolce & Gabbana's World Cup-Inspired Underwear Shoot
We're suckers for soccer (ahem, football) players in their undies, so you know we're over the moon about Dolce & Gabbana's new Calcio campaign, which stars five Italian footballers in their briefs. Let the games begin.
[Vogue UK]

Puma Goes Green with "Clever Little Bag"
Want to reduce your carbon footprint in style? Look to Puma, who has announced that they'll be replacing wasteful shoe boxes with cardboard frames and reusable shoe bags.