Primark British Retailer

Primark stops selling controversial children's padded bikinis. Photo: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

After getting an eyeful (and then some) of Heidi Montag's gravity-defying new bikini body, we foolishly thought we'd had our fill of busty bathing suits for the week.

Silly us.

Now comes news that British discount clothing chain Primark has been forced to pull padded bikini tops it was selling for -- wait for it -- seven year-old girls, the Daily Express reports.

Um... inappropriate much?

Priced at an allowance-friendly £4 (around $6-$7), the supersized halter-neck bikini sets -- available in black and white polka dots or pink with gold stars -- for seven- and eight-year-olds drew ire from shoppers who claim that the bikinis sexualize young girls and make them targets for pedophiles, according to the paper.

After parents and children's groups reportedly called on Primark last night to drop the tops, the store agreed to do so and will donate any profits it has made from the suits to a children's charity.

"Primark has taken note of the concern this morning regarding the sale of certain bikini tops for girls, a product line that sells in relatively small quantities," a spokesman told the Daily Express.

"The company has stopped the sale of this product line with immediate effect. Primark will donate all the profits made from this product line to a children's charity, and apologizes to customers for any offense caused."

The decision will no doubt please those who had condemned the sale of the controversial tops.

"Primark's creating a padded bikini is reprehensible, but what concerns me more is that they clearly believed there was a market for their product, based on research and/or prior sales," family therapist Susan Stiffelman of Passionate Parenting tells StyleList.

"Ultimately, it falls on parents to recognize the tremendous harm and potential risk they put their children into if they buy products that sexualize their children.

"One can only imagine that Primark had evidence to suggest that this bikini would sell; it falls on parents to show their children, in no uncertain terms, that their bodies are to be protected and safeguarded, not exploited or sexualized."

Scary. Then again, having seen nipple pasty-adorned outfits for infants, nothing really shocks us anymore.

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