Tara Smith Hair Care Range

Nourish your strands with Tara Smith's natural and organic hair care line. Photo: Courtesy of Tara Smith Organic and Natural Haircare

As one of today's most-respected celebrity hairstylist, its no surprise that Tara Smith would translate her years of experience and knowledge into her very own hair care line.

With a slogan "Tested on film stars, not on animals," the Tara Smith Hair Care Range will kick off tonight at a cocktail party in New York City hosted by Donna Karan, and an in store appearance at Duane Reade in Herald Square on April 15, from noon to 2pm.

Already a cult favorite in the U.K., the collection features products made with natural and organic ingredients that offer salon-quality results. Free of parabens, sodium laureth sulphates, glycols, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances and animal derivatives, Smith aims to make a difference in the hair care industry.

"People would ask, 'How do you create the look on "Sex and the City" or 'How do you do Demi Moore's hair," Smith told StyleList. "Obviously working with my clients, the main thing is having optimum, healthy hair. For me [the hair care range] was about being green, making sure it would perform, and that it was at an affordable price."

So for two years, Smith worked alongside Dr. Roger Barr, a chemist who has lent his expertise to The Body Shop, Rimmel, and Cosmetica, to create earth friendly hair products for every hair type with key ingredients like bamboo, avocado, olive oil, marine algae, soy, aloe, and yeast extracts.

With formulations in hand, the hairstylist tried them out on the strands of some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities including Marisa Tomei, Demi Moore, and Rosario Dawson -- with these leading ladies offering glowing reviews of the hair care range.

"Marisa's a huge fan of my Base Coat Serum. I've worked with her for 10 years, but she won't let anyone do her hair without putting that in first," she said. "With Demi, it was my Straight Away and Big Baby Shampoos."

The Tara Smith Hair Care Range also include C Curls and Feed the Root Shampoos and Conditioners, a Top Coat Glosser, and Rock On Hard Hold Styling Gel that moisturize, nourish, hydrate, help to maintain a style, and stimulate growth.

"I think people shouldn't be nervous and they have to understand that it's going to feel different because the products don't contain all of those harsh chemicals," said Smith.

The Tara Smith Hair Care Range ($5.95-$9.95) is now available at Duane Reade stores nationwide.

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