Aggie shows off her new short crop. Photo: Love Magazine Twitter

Agyness Deyn is making headlines again -- but this time it's not because she tripped and landed gracefully on her knees on a fashion show runway.

This time, the British supermodel is garnering attention due to her new, super short hair.

First unearthed on Love Magazine's Twitter stream, this picture proves that Deyn has officially taken the crown from Linda Evangelista as the modern day hair chameleon in the fashion world. At age 27, she may be considered over-the-hill in model years, but that is certainly not keeping her from trying new looks.

The once shaggy blonde-gone-red-gone-mahogany-(in one season!)-gone-bowl-cut-raveonette has practically shaved it all off. And while we are big fans of ultra-chic, ultra-feminine pixie cuts, Deyn's new style is a little reminiscent of G.I. Jane (minus the biceps).

The look is borderline androgynous, which could help Deyn "shave" some years off if she's trying to compete with her younger peers -- even if that means looking like a 12-year-old boy now.

Tell us what you think of Deyn's new super short 'do: Love it or hate it?

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