campers shoes

(Left) These shoes have 360 stitching, not unlike the Hoberman Spheres. (Right) A recycled/virgin rubber "Hybrid" makes up the sole of this shoe, next to the hybrid "broccoflower." Photos courtesy of Isauro Cairo Photography

There is something suspect about a simple shoe collection being shown in a series of circus-like vignettes.

Certainly, it is challenging to show off things like being lightweight, waterproof or comfortable (shouldn't all shoes be this way?) in a demonstrable way, but Camper's fall/winter craziness took the cake.

It was a clever exercise in creativity – offering up exhibits like a man laying on a bed of nails in juxtaposition to comfortable shoes, hybrid shoes being shown in a "Broccoflower Garden," showing waterproof shoes in a Dunk Tank, hanging lightweight shoes from balloons, offering up 360 degree stitching in a Hoberman Sphere Sculpture, and showing unisex shoes next to drag queen Ericka Toure Aviance. However, the shoes, which were basic in the classic Camper mode, were lost next to all the excitement.

And to be honest, some of the best shoes, like great wedge Mary Janes and Veronique Branquinho's ankle boots for the Camper Toðer Capsule collections never even made it into the presentation.

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