Olivia Blois Sharpe Jerseylicious

Olivia Blois Sharpe strikes a pose. Photo courtesy of "The Style Network"

It's time to get one thing straight -- straight as Olivia Blois Sharpe's blown-out hair, that is: The star of the Style Network's "Jerseylicious" is no Garden State poser.

In fact, The Gatsby Salon's makeup artist really does have her cosmetology license ("I studied with Christine Valmy," Sharpe notes) and she really is from New Jersey -- unlike some of those tanned fakers (or should we say fake tanners?) on MTV's "The Jersey Shore."

Despite her over-the-top look, Sharpe has won the empathy of (most) of the fans of the salon-based docudrama for enduring the constant harassment of hairstylist Tracy DiMarco, who just happens to be dating Sharpe's ex-boyfriend. It doesn't help that Sharpe's mentor, Glam Fairy Alexa Prisco, seems to constantly put her down.

When Sharpe checked in with StyleList recently, she promised us she wouldn't be pushed around the cutting floor much longer.

StyleList: Tracy is just evil to you. Here's your chance to talk about that hair of hers. How would you describe it?
Olivia Blois Sharpe: (Laughs) Oh my God. I think the funniest thing is how the fans describe it. One called it a "jealousy cloud." I loved that! I thought it was perfect.

SL: If Tracy came to the salon and you had to give her a makeover, what would you do?
OBS: I would start by telling her to find clothes that fit. Everything she wears is way too tight. I would have her relax her tease. Who wears their hair like that? But I'm going to be nice. She is starting to wear her makeup better -- I think it's the time she's spent around me and Alexa. But out of all of us, she's the one who needs to tone it down. Starting with the hair.

SL: A lot of people say you look like Snooki's little sister. Do you see it?
OBS: Not really, starting with the fact that I'm older and taller. I mean the "pouf" is, like, Jersey four or five years ago. Her look is so '06/'07 Jersey. I'm a little more modern, updated, and I'm going to say toned down

SL: These Jersey reality shows have been criticized for how they define Jersey style. How do you describe it?
OBS:. We are a stereotype of Jersey, but the stereotype is based on the fact that there are people who look and dress like we do. It may be one percent of the people, but we are out there. The people who work at Gatsby are all from Jersey. I love the style, obviously. It is my style. It isn't something I do to be on the show. But it's true that not everyone in Jersey looks like we do!

Olivia Blois Sharpe Tracy DiMarco Jerseylicious

Olivia and her nemesis, Tracy. Photo courtesy of "The Style Network"

SL: You've got a ton of clothes. Where do you shop?
OBS: I am OCD with clothes. It is really bad. I have clothes at my house, my boyfriend's house, my best friend's house, my father's house, my grandmother's house. I don't have enough closet space for all my clothes. I like all kinds of stuff from $7 to $700, although I don't really have the $700 stuff. But I don't really care about brands, I just like clothes. I get a lot of stuff at Bebe, I like Marciano, I like to hit boutiques in the big towns, and I like to hit Joyce Leslie and get cute things for clubbing.

SL: You did your apartment in wall-to-wall animal prints and wear them all the time.
OBS: I think the Style Network is going to end up putting me on "Tacky House," where the guy comes and tells you how cheesy your taste is. But the funny thing is, there a lot of fans who love the pink walls and animal prints. I had some woman from the south write and say I inspired her to decorate that way. I was so flattered.

Tell us about your beauty routine.
OBS: Oh my God, it's severe. Things have to be perfect. I'm a Virgo rising Leo -- we're all about perfection. I have some things I love: I always use Big Sexy Hair Root Pump; it is great for volume, but I am not really that into my hair. I blow it out, clip in some extensions, and I'm good. I'm so into my makeup, especially my smoky eye, which is my signature. I don't go to lunch without it. Actually, I don't think I would get the mail without it. For me, it is not a night look, it is an all-the-time look. And I like bronzer -- I really can't wear enough.

SL: On "Jerseylicious" you were doing makeup on a teenage girl and told her mom, "Don't worry, she won't look like me." So you know your day look is over the top.
OBS: I don't think it's the right look for a 16-year-old girl who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, but I have to tell you, a lot of the girls I work on that age tell their moms, "I want to look like her." When I was in beauty school, all the girls wanted me to teach them my smoky eye technique. I kind of like to do a cat-eye thing.

SL: Give us some of your expert tips.
OBS: For the eye, primer first. I think that is so important. It holds your makeup really well. I am a big fan of Laura Geller spackle and Urban Decay primer. I also like to highlight under the brow; it opens up the eye and makes your face brighter.

Since I've been working with Alexa I've learned the importance of blush for contour. I do love bronzer. Mine is Nars, but the color [Casino] is too dark for most people. And it's taken a while, but I'm beginning to believe more in the whole foundation thing. I think when you do a nice primer and foundation, it really holds your makeup well for the day.

SL: Speaking of The Glam Fairy, you need to stand up to her. She is so mean to you. I like your work better than hers.
OBS: Well, you just totally, totally, totally, made my day, but I have to tell you I like working with her. She's been a mentor to me, and I respect her for being an awesome businesswoman. She's tough because she has to be. And as you watch the show, I think you will see that she comes to respect me and realize I'm not just some kid who fools around with makeup. That part is very serious for me; it's what I studied. It's what I've wanted to do since I was a little kid.

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