Budding star Keri Hilson will be the new face of Avon's Imari fragrance and Color cosmetics line starting in August. Photo: Courtesy of Avon

Earlier this week, Avon put the rumors to rest and confirmed signing singer/songwriter Keri Hilson as the spokesmodel for Avon's Imari fragrance and Color makeup collection (replacing Jennifer Hudson in the process).

While we'll have to wait until August to see the sure-to-be-stunning images from Hilson's shoot, StyleList was able to catch up with the Grammy-nominated performer after the news broke to discuss her transition from self-described tomboy to the face of a major beauty brand.

StyleList: Did you ever think the day would come when you had a beauty contract?
Keri Hilson:
I never thought I'd be the face of a beauty brand, but it's kind of every female artist's dream to exude beauty for a company known for that. They approached me and it wasn't a hard decision for me. Avon represents so many women of every color, of every age. It's been in business for over 100 years. I'm all about approachable beauty and approachable style. I didn't want to do something that was so exclusive that no one would relate. So it's an awesome thing for me to be a part of.

StyleList: Did you use Avon products before the contract?
I remember Avon ladies coming to our door when I was a kid and I think my mom let me order a few things throughout the years. It was just really neat to see the box arrive and it was when I first started wearing lipstick. My mom still wears Avon.

StyleList: Now that you're a beauty spokesperson, tell us your must-haves when it comes to beauty and hair.
Lips and eyes are really important, so you gotta have lip gloss and mascara in your purse. And I'm starting to get into dark lipstick. I actually have a color by Avon called Powerful Plum and I absolutely love it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. My hair is actually below my shoulders now and I love my BaByliss ceramic flat iron. And Avon gave me these little anti-frizz capsules and I live by those. It's like a little serum in a capsule and you put it on before you curl your hair. It gives you natural shine and doesn't look greasy.

StyleList: You are the face of the Imari fragrance. What type of scents are you into?
I love perfumes that blend floral and citrus. I'm somewhat in between those two. I'm not a big vanilla or musk girl. Out of Imari or Imari Seduction, I like Seduction. It has a more youthful scent. I have the Seduction body gel and lotion and I really like that it stays on all day.

StyleList: Have you already shot the Imari campaign?
Yes! Paul Innis [also a new signee of Avon] did my makeup and he is incredible. He has a really soft hand. Usually when I get my makeup done, I don't like it when I look in the mirror, but I know I'll like it when I look at the pictures. With Paul, he has such a light hand that I liked what I looked like in the mirror right away. He makes your skin look really creamy.

StyleList: Although you've described yourself as a tomboy, all of a sudden you're wearing gorgeous gowns on the red carpet and have this Avon contract. Do you see yourself getting more girly over the last year since your album has been released?
At the very end of the year, you could see a little growth in my womanly-ness. [Laughs] I'm not mad at that. It was natural. It wasn't something my advisers or stylists told me to do. It's just something I gravitated toward. I guess it was a natural progression in becoming a woman. I'm a tomboy at heart, but I'm becoming a woman right before the world's very eyes. It's a cool thing.

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