Drum circle central at Loomstate's Earth month bash. Photo: PatrickMcMullan.com

There was a time (also known as junior high) when tie-dyed endangered animal tees were the height of fashion. If Wedensday's Loomstate party is any indication, it's time to dig out those old duds. Throwback Earth Day pride was in full effect at New York's Good Units with tressed up gentlemen grooving to a 40-person drum circle while psychedelic projections of cranes and dolphins swooped along a Navajo pyramid overhead.

Loomstate eco-crusader Scott Hahn invited a sea bearded band boys to "Get your tribal boogie on," before composer Hisham Bharoocha swelled the assembled musicians into a simulated percussive rainstorm. A little boy in a Stella McCartney for GAP band jacket started doing sun salutations. And designer Rogan Gregory did the hippy shuffle. It was trippy, even by New York standards.

Hisham Bharoocha, Scott MacKinlay Hahn, Pamela Love, and Rogan Gregory. Photo: PatrickMcMullan.com

While some downtown types traded their black blazers for dippier duds, fashion fixtures like Becka Diamond and Olivier Zahm stuck with their leather-and-studs. Also in attendance? Designing duo Shipley &Halmos, and Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart.

We have to raise our eyebrows at an Earth Day event that ended with so much discarded waste (drink the beer right out of the bottle instead of wasting a plastic cup, people!). But it's hard to fault a brand that has done so much to make the environmental movement, well, cool. And if I get to recycle my Save the Manatees tee, all the better.

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