In the final installment of "My Body, My Style," Debi, who is just shy of five feet tall, has trouble dressing for an evening out. She even has trouble finding the right department to shop in and will often resort to the juniors section.

But fear not! Stylist Sam Saboura has the perfect purple frock ready to fit Debi's small frame. He recommends that short women everywhere keep their silhouettes simple and the accessorizing to a minimum. Too much embellishment will weigh down an already petite body.

Debi's reaction? "I feel really pretty and grown up," she says with a huge smile. "And sophisticated!"

Whether you're pear shaped, have a long torso, or are full-figured, you won't want to miss the rest of our tips for finding the best clothes for your shape, in the "My Body, My Style" series.