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Last night's "Real Housewives of New York City" episode brought us one of the season's most talked-about funny moments: Ramona Singer makes a very uncomfortable trek down the catwalk at Brooklyn Fashion Week, her eyes bugged and her face dead serious as she tries to look sexy despite major nerves. We love Ramona, but we couldn't help but giggle (with you, Ramona, not at you!), much like frenemy Jill Zarin who chuckled at Ramona's strained expression from her front-row perch.

We recently ran into Ramona and asked her all about the new changes she's making in her life this season. From playing nice with -- gasp! -- Alex and Simon to chopping off her hair, starting new businesses (a jewelry line with HSN and a skincare company) and renewing her vows with cutie husband Mario. Here's what the Upper East Side's most outspoken resident had to say:

StyleList: You've had a lot going on this year, tell us about what you've been doing.
Singer: This whole year just doing the show, it's like 'Ramona renews herself.' My father passed away, he was a little bit of an aggressive personality, and once he passed away it freed me. I started off with my hair, and my body, and my relationship with my husband, my friends, my businesses...I now have my one year anniversary with HSN that I'm so excited about.

StyleList: What made you want to start the jewelry line?
Singer: Come on, jewelry is just, you put it on, it just freshens up your outfit. These look like estate pieces on Madison avenue, but they're just $250 dollars.

StyleList: Since you've been making so many big changes to your appearance, have you had any plastic surgery?
Singer: I haven't had plastic surgery yet. I'm all about staying young naturally. One thing to help my body stay smooth ('cause I exercise) is Velasmooth -- it kind of tightens up the skin.

StyleList: Hmm, sounds like it hurts.
Singer: No! No! It's a laser that helps build the collagen 'cause as you get older everything just drops. So [Dr. Sharon Giese] has these machines that just tighten and firm you.

What's your favorite skin product right now?
Singer: My Ultra-Repair cream -- If I'm going to use nothing else, I just rub it all in morning and night.