Archie & Friends hang at The Riverdale Shore. Courtesy Photo

We always knew those "Jersey Shore" kids were a bunch of characters. Now, they're proving it by serving as the inspiration for an upcoming storyline in Archie comics.

In issue #145 of Archie & Friends, on sale in July, eternal teens Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie are bound for the beach, where they'll mingle with the tanned and tattooed cast of the fictional reality hit "The Riverdale Shore."

And the comic book legends -- who spawned a radio show, several animated TV series, and a number of hit records since making their 1941 debut -- become so smitten with the Shore kids that they strive for reality stardom themselves.

Apparently, that includes getting "Jersey Shore"-style makeovers: The Archie & Friends cover shows a bronzed and buff Reggie (rechristened The Complication) channeling The Situation with a serious six-pack, while Archie's red hair is gelled up into a Pauly D do, and newcomer Cheryl Blossom (now known as Snookums) sports an impressive pouf that would make Snooki proud.

Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the rest of their gang will also undergo similar transformations, and an Archie Comics rep tells StyleList that Veronica's parents, Mr. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge, get made over "Jersey Shore"-style too!

The idea for the "Jersey Shore"/Riverdale mashup came about because "we have a few 'Jersey Shore' fans in the office and the idea got bounced around," adds the rep. "It was too great to pass up!"

StyleList is all for the merging of the Riverdale and reality-show worlds -- we just hope we won't be hearing J-Woww doing a cover of "Sugar, Sugar" anytime soon.

Speaking of the song, watch The Archies perform "Sugar, Sugar" in a 1969 cartoon, below. And check out this real-life "Jersey Shore" makeover, from the pages of Harper's Bazaar.