Melania Trump wearing a $35 gemstone ring, $56 watch and $27 eternity band from her new timepiece and jewelry collection for QVC. Photo courtesy of QVC

As we reported earlier, Melania Trump is one of the latest celebs entering the fashion arena with the launch of Melania Timepieces & Jewelry, designed especially for QVC, and retailing for a cool $30-$200.

With only a week and a half to go before the April 30th debut of her full collection (just four days after her 40th birthday!) on the television shopping powerhouse, StyleList got a chance to chat with Trump about designing, The Donald and why women shouldn't look like Christmas trees.

StyleList: Were you always a fan of jewelry and do you remember your first piece as a child, as well as the first piece your husband, Donald Trump, gave you?
Melania Trump:
My mother was a fashion designer and my first modeling job was when I was 5 years-old. So I was always into fashion and jewelry. The first piece I got was a little gold bracelet when I was baptized. And I always had charm bracelets when I was a little girl. Then as you get older, of course, you like bigger pieces and more statement jewelry. The first piece Donald gave me was a pink cross from Fred Leighton. It's beautiful. I still have it. It was on our first Christmas together.

SL: Tell us about the concept of your collection, which is comprised of three mini-collections, with QVC.
I was inspired by my own jewelry box and also by the cities that I've lived in. My New York collection you could wear more for business at the office, then out on the town. Palm Beach is more sporty. You could wear it playing tennis or golf or just playing with your child. Paris is more glamorous and sophisticated and has more stones. So you could wear it on the red carpet or special dinners and occasions. You can mix and match all the pieces in the collections.

Replica of Melania's wedding band made of emerald-cut crystals

Melania's wedding band replica, made of emerald-cut crystals, from her QVC New York Collection, $27. Photo courtesy of QVC

SL: How involved are you with this collection and what is the process like?
I've been working on the collection for a year. I sketch and I design then I show them to my team. The sketches are turned into samples, then they show me the samples and we see if anything needs to be corrected. I'm standing behind the collection 100% -- everything is approved by me and designed by me. And they are the pieces I would wear.

SL: Why did you decide to recreate your wedding band for the line?
So many fans ask me about my wedding band. I was wearing it in the beginning, but then I got my yellow diamond. I have two rings that I really love. One ring is my engagement ring and the other ring is a 15-carat yellow diamond that was a present from my husband on our 1-year anniversary. My engagement ring is emerald-cut, so I designed my wedding band to match. It's a beautiful ring with emerald-cut diamonds all around it. My collection is inspired by my jewelry box, so that's what I created it. It's a beautiful piece that you could wear everyday.

SL: Your stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump, has a very high-end jewelry line. Why did you decide to make your line accessible to the masses?
I have a lot of fans who ask where I got my jewelry or clothing, so I want to offer women around the country affordable jewelry that they could buy and feel glamorous and elegant and not spend thousands and thousands of dollars. You could just buy something for $70. Now I only wear my line. Everybody asks if it's my line or if it's my private collection. And everybody is surprised when I say it's my line and it's going to be sold on QVC.

SL: Do you have any jewelry rules to live by?
I think you have to be comfortable and it has to go with the style you're wearing. If you're wearing jeans, you might have just a watch. If you're in a dress, you can wear more. I always wear some sort of pieces together -- a necklace and a watch or something. I don't like too many pieces. I don't like when people look like a Christmas tree. It's better to have a few beautiful pieces. It's much more elegant and chic.

SL: Now that you've done jewelry, do you think you'll branch out into clothing or fragrance?
I have so many ideas about the other stuff as well. But it has to be the right time and the right place. My son is 4 years-old and in school now, so when he's at school, I have time to put my ideas to life. When he was a small baby, I wanted to spend the time with him and I really wanted to be a hands-on mom. My first thing is being a mom. For other collections like clothing, I will never say never because I have a lot of ideas. But it has to be the right time.

Melania Timepieces & Jewelry, designed for QVC, will debut April 30 at 9 p.m. ET.