Rina Bovrisse speaks at a Tokyo press conference on Monday, April 19. Photo: Rebecca Milner

An occasionally emotional Rina Bovrisse, along with her lawyers, offered new details of her case against Prada Japan at a press conference in Tokyo on Monday.

The 36-year-old Japanese national, who has worked internationally in the luxury business for over a decade, announced that her lawsuit will be joined by two other "former Prada Japan employees who received the same harassments."

Bovrisse is demanding a public apology from Prada, a new company guideline against harassment in the workplace, and compensation (amount still undisclosed) for psychological trauma and legal fees for all victims.

"I am here to take a stand for Japanese women who have been victims of harassment and discrimination at the workplace," said Bovrisse, whose business card now reads "Fashionista Feminista."

Mrs. Bovrisse has alleged that Prada Japan described a number of female employees as "aged, ugly, fat, bad body shape, bad teeth, disgusting, and not cute," and pressured them to resign. She says the company fired her last month after she complained about the harassment.

The court case, set to begin May 14, follows a three-part labor tribunal that ended in a stalemate last month between both parties -- and not in a dismissal of the allegations as reported by Prada Japan, say her lawyers, Yoshiki Kojima and Takeo Kawamura.

The legal duo was also quick to address any concern that Bovrisse's motivations are purely monetary. Kojima stated that during the labor tribunal discussions, Prada Japan had offered to pay Bovrisse 10 million yen in severance but that his client had been fighting for a reinstatement and a public apology.

Whether Bovrisse will get any of the above remains to be seen. Given that a trial will allow both sides to call witnesses and could last a year, there could be a lot more drama to come.

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