A sketch of Supersmile's fruity toothpastes, which are too new to photograph samples of yet. Courtesy photo

We've noticed that things have been getting a little fruity in the toothpaste aisle.

First, Luster Whitening debuted their White 7 Toothpaste, which features a citrus blend of aromatherapy oils, debuted in drugstores. Then Burt's Bees kicked off Earth Day festivities by bringing their all-natural toothpastes to the mass market in catchy flavors like Berry Bee and Orange Wow.

Now, Supersmile is set to launch some sweet whitening treats this spring, in flavors of Cinnamon, Mandarin Mint and Green Apple that will sell in CO Bigelow, Dillards, Ulta and on supersmile.com.

So, why all the sweetness?

"Our customers have been using the same mint flavors for years. They kept asking us for a change, for an interesting new flavor they could look forward to when brushing their teeth," says Lucia Smigel, President and CEO of Supersmile, which was founded by her husband, Dr. Irwin Smigel.

While fruit flavors are a fun change-up from the predictable lot of mint formulas, the flavorful addition actually brings something unique to the table in each line.

In White 7, the blend of 45 essential oils that creates an invigorating citrus flavor and scent also disinfects the bacteria-prone mouth area with its natural antiseptic properties. Orange oils also fight odors and leave a pleasant long-lasting scent, which is also why you so often see home cleaning products in orange scents.

For Burt's Bees, the berry and orange flavors are specially formulated in colorful tubes for kids, which makes both the taste and feel of the product more inviting to tykes learning the routine of brushing teeth every day. Plus, you can't help but wonder if the company is thinking -- if you get 'em when they're young, they'll be a Burt's Bees fan for life.

Meanwhile, Supersmile aims to make brushing an addictively delicious experience by creating bursts of flavor in their Cinnamon, Green Apple and Mandarin Mint flavors. The fruit extracts are blended with Calprox - a form of calcium peroxide that dissolves the sticky protein pellicle on teeth so that stains and bacteria can't attach themselves - resulting in teeth that can brighten several shades lighter with daily use.

For true whitening addicts, Supersmile also makes an Accelerator that can be purchased separately and used in conjunction with the new toothpastes. A large pea-sized amount of each product on a dry brush is the dosage, with top bristles aimed where the gum and tooth meet on the gumline for brightening results that rival and sometimes even surpass whitening strips.

While brushing in the morning without the expected pop of mint felt strange at first -- and we stole quick breath-testing moments mid-morning to make sure we were still 'safe' -- the fruity flavors have grown on us.

Plus, it kind of feels like we're cheating and having candy right before bed. (Sour Patch Kids, anyone?)