Jane Fonda will not be wearing legwarmers or leotards in her yet-to-be-released workout DVDs. Her fans won't allow it. Photo: Getty Images

Seventy-something actress Jane Fonda didn't sweat the oldies challenge of sporting leotards, nude tights and leg warmers for the new series of workout DVDs she recently finished filming.

The controversial actress, activist and fitness enthusiast reports on her blog that her fans chose her contemporary attire of yoga pants and form-fitting tops for the DVDs targeted for mature audiences. Fonda says the fitness needs of that demographic have been ignored by the exercise industry.

When Fonda announced her plans to make age-appropriate workout videos earlier this year she put out a call asking for wardrobe suggestions. Her blogging community "fairly unanimously suggested I not go retro with leg warmers etc. Instead I'm wearing yoga pants and tight tops as per their comments," she writes.

We're all for the yoga pants, but tight tops on Baby Boomers? Um, might work on taut-for-her-age Jane but even our fittest post-menopausal friends are not exactly "fonda" them without a layer or two of shapewear underneath.

The 72 year-old actress shares photos from the recent DVD shoot, including one in which she wears a snug scoop neck purple T-shirt and body-skimming pants as she gets her pumped up bicep teasingly pinched by her friend, Jake Steinfeld, of "Body By Jake," fame. Fonda reports he was trying to determine if she was in the same shape as she was when he first trained her in her California driveway, using a broomstick for a prop. A few years later, she made "Jane Fonda's Workout," reportedly the best-selling fitness video of all time.

, who recently admitted to having her chin and eyes surgically sculpted after famously swearing off cosmetic procedures 10 years ago, is not nearly as agile as she used to be. She writes she was "sore" after three days of constant routines on set. "I am pretty happy about how my new knee and old/new hip are holding up. I talk about them as I'm working out just to show folks that life goes on after replacements." (And leg warmers!)

To prove her septuagenarian point, Fonda posed for a photo with the DVD crew while attempting the iconic legs- in -the- air pose she assumed on the cover of her original 1982 video. Her legs are high enough, but not quite as punctuated as they were back in her belted leotard days.

has said the DVDs, which are being produced by Lionsgate, will be on the market in 2011.