johnny weir fashion

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/

Figure Skater Johnny Weir has fashion aspirations that go beyond his flamboyant pompadour, turquoise Balenciaga handbag and M.A.C eyeliner.

The Olympic star told the Los Angeles Times that he hopes to do a Johnny "Wear" fashion line if he can put his own creative spin on the process. "You don't want to be someone that has someone else make a clothing line and put their name on it. I want to be sewing buttons and putting fur trim on things myself."

Hear that rival reality stars? The guy actually wants to do the work himself, although he really may want to make sure the fur is faux after the hits he took for wearing the real stuff at the Vancouver games.

Where does Weir see himself landing his jump into the couture world? "Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld - avant garde designers but still sort of mainstream," Weir told the newspapers pop culture blog. Despite his own out there persona Weir rejected the notion of being too kooky with his someday label. "I wouldn't want to be that person that has a Wonderbra with leather cones coming off the shoulder with boobies selling at Patricia Field in New York."

Sounds like Weir doesn't lack for muses either. He cited Lady Gaga's risk-taking costumes, John Galliano's dresses and the wardrobe of Russian pop singer Sergey Lazarev as among his fashion loves. For his own look, Weir is a fan of manicures with Nars clear polish, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton sunglasses and collects Chanel jackets "like art pieces."

With this kind of fashion cred, we have an idea for the man who stars in the Sundance Chanel series, "Be Good, Johnny Weir."

Why not test his do-it-yourself skills on "Project Runway"?