Products from Samy's new line. Courtesy Photo

When you've spent 30 years as a hairstylist in Miami, you know a thing or two about humidity and frizz.

"Living in Miami is like living under water," says Samy, creator of Samy hair care products. "I test all my products there because we know if it works in Miami, it will work anywhere!"

At a launch event in New York, Samy introduced his new line of styling treatments and the vibrant packaging revamp of his existing hair care products. Formulated with ingredients usually found in higher-end lines, like macadamia nut and shea butter, all Samy products will be available for a budget-friendly $4.99 at national drugstores.

"I was a Cuban refugee and grew up on welfare. It's very important to me that I make products that are affordable," says Samy. "I want to give women the Rolls-Royce of hair care without having them pay that kind of price."

Samy products feature formulas customized to different hair types, with the styling aids for curly hair taking center stage for their ability to add hydration and hold while maintaining softness. Samy claims his curly clients actually see a difference in the length of their hair, as their curls elongate into an 'S' shape with the gentle support of his products.

But Samy does play favorites with his line.

"After a lifetime doing hair, this is my Oscar!" he says, dramatically waving his conditioning serum, his perfectly sandy-highlighted and Brazilian-straightened hair shining as a testament. "La Mer is my favorite face cream, and I wanted women to feel that same luxurious and light feeling from this product."

Writer Grace Gold before Samy's products (left) and after (right). Courtesy Photo

We happily accepted an offer to get styled with the new products -- which included Samy's "Oscar" -- and loved the touchably soft results. While a blow out in and of itself will make any unstyled hair look better, we did notice that the serum provided an undeniably glossy shine that accentuated highlights beautifully in the light.

While Samy is the name and face behind the brand, his sister Sara works on product development and was on hand with a glamorous blonde layered blow out to explain the line's ingredient science.

In fact, Sara has been a partner-in-crime since Samy's first amateur styling days as a kid.

"My dad would give me one dollar to buy baseball cards, but I'd go buy hair products instead," he says. "I would do my sister's hair before school, and all the kids would get mad at me because they couldn't see the board!"

An early inspiration for fall's fashionable Snooki Pouf, no doubt.