Victoria Beckham is cashing in on her friendship with Eva Longoria Parker. But the former Spice Girl isn't writing a tell-all about the "Desperate Housewives" actress -- she's co-starring with Parker in a new campaign for LG Fashion Touch cell phones.

In the ad, which promises to show the BFFs "like you've never seen them," the playful pair joke with each other while sporting superstylish outfits. Beckham, 36, whispers into her red Lotus Elite phone, prompting laughter from Parker, 35, who later strikes a pose for the Rumor Touch phone.

Beckham is also seen in her element as a fashion designer, strolling through a mini showroom of mannequins decked out in black dresses. The ad ends with both glamour girls looking ready to strut down a catwalk.

British-born Beckham -- who previously hawked Armani lingerie, Rocawear, and Marc Jacobs -- befriended Parker when she relocated to California in 2007 with L.A. Galaxy star hubby David Beckham.

"When I first moved here, I didn't know anybody," the singer has said. "She went with me to get my nails done, my hair done..." In fact, Parker -- who also appears in ads for Bebe, London Fog, and L'Oreal -- had her hairdresser pal Ken Paves style their tresses for the LG Fashion Touch shoot.

Of her friendship with Beckham, Parker says, "We hang out at each other's houses. We don't go out that much, actually. We just do normal girl things when we're alone... We have a meal and a catch up."

Considering that jet-setting Beckham spends so much time overseas, StyleList hopes that both women have a good international calling plan.

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