Vivian Tam's Butterfly Lovers HP digital clutch. Courtesy Photo

Technology is the new black? Well, if the trend-setting Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have anything to say about it, pretty and sleek computers may just be our go-to spring clutch.

HP computers announced today its collaboration with Warner Brothers Pictures, aiming to merge fashion with technology in the upcoming "Sex and The City 2," (due in theaters on May 27). Pieces from the computer manufacturer's "spring collection" will be featured in the film, including designer Vivienne Tam's smart "Butterfly Lovers" HP digital clutch.

"As a trend-setting phenomenon, 'Sex and the City 2' is a natural extension to celebrate fashion and our stylish spring 2010 collection of computers with people worldwide," says Tracey Trachta, executive director of HP's Global Marketing Personal Systems Group.

To note the occasion, HP released the below trailer of the upcoming film, which will take its leading ladies from the Big Apple to the Middle East and beyond.

But wait! All this fashion-meets-technology talk is a little serious for us "Sex" fans The trailer also reveals that Carrie smacks into her ex-flame Aidan in a street market. Hmmm. Sounds, like, Big trouble.

HP also announced that Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie) will star as herself in the role of the "achiever' in a new ad campaign for the brand. She'll be depicted as a sophisticated, energetic woman who uses her computer to manage her complicated life as mother, wife, designer and producer. (Parker is one of the film's producers)

While the studio is keeping some of the film's plot lines guarded, we can only imagine what the four sexy main characters have in store for their prop computers. We think some online shopping is a given and maybe a little boyfriend background checking?

But we're sure they'll get a little more tech crafty than that.

HP's foray onto the fashion runway isn't new. In 2008 it began its collaboration with Tam, who introduced the world's first "digital clutch" in her spring collection at New York Fashion Week.

And on this season of Lifetime's "Project Runway", Tam served as a guest judge while the contestants used HP computers to create patterns for their own original fabrics.

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