100% pure

photo: 100percentpure.com

We're always a little skeeved out when we realize we've licked off our lipstick.

What did we just consume? A bunch of weird dyes?

Well, now that we've worked 100% Pure cosmetics into our beauty regime, we can rest a bit easier since the lip colors -- and the entire makeup line, for that matter -- are made with fruit and vegetable pigments.

100% Pure is the first company to formulate their makeup this way, and it's a big innovation.

"All other color cosmetics are colored from either synthetic dyes or minerals," 100% Pure founder Susie Wang told StyleList. "Creating fruit and vegetable pigmented cosmetics is revolutionary because after all the years cosmetics have existed, I have created a truly innovative new way to make color cosmetics."

The ingredient lists read like something from the farmer's market -- instead of weird, hard-to-pronounce names you see things like peach, tomato, cranberry and plum.

The folks at 100% Pure figured out a way to freeze-dry the fruits/veggies (which preserves the vitamins) and then crush them into fine powders. The benefit of this is that "the pigments themselves are the actual vitamins and antioxidants," and the makeup is highly concentrated with skin-nourishing ingredients, without extra additives. "The difference is like a bottle of water with a few drops of pomegranate, whereas 100% Pure is like the entire glass full of organic pomegranate juice," continued Wang.

100% Pure is also known for its effective natural skincare and ultra-aromatic body care, which smells good enough to eat. "The reason why 100% Pure products smell delicious and actually make you hungry is because what you smell is the real thing," says Wang. "Rather than using artificial fragrances, you're smelling the actual fruit."

In addition to being a pioneer in the natural beauty arena, Wang is also passionate about animal rights and is active in trying to stop animal testing.

"We are actually trying to get a bill passed to make animal testing illegal in the US," she said. "I think getting the bill to pass in America will be easy. But the real challenge is trying to make animal testing illegal in China because the most dispicable acts of animal testing are being farmed out to China. This is my purpose in my life -- to help as many animals as possible."

Now that's something we can get behind!

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