Eva Longoria Parker jeans

Eva Longoria Parker flatters her curves in jeans with a mid-rise waistband and slight flare. Photo: Getty Images

Oh, the joy of putting on a pair of perfect jeans that actually make you look slim and trim. Finding said denim - one that shapes and flatters to create a nice lean look - can feel like searching for fashion's Holy Grail. And while we agree that assessing which clothes to wear for your particular body shape can be daunting, the challenge of finding the right jeans can be broken down into five helpful tips. Here they are:

  • Fabric Support: Lycra or Spandex are key to providing support and hiding some imperfections. It will literally "hold you in" and smooth out your silhouette creating the effect of long lean legs (and this is why we love perfect jeans, right ladies?). This fabric will also prevent sag and contour your butt to create a lifting effect. (Levi's 545 low-rise jeans are great for this as are many of J Brand's offerings, if you want to spend a little more.) "The most important thing is finding the right fit for you," says Michael Griffin, Executive Vice President of Product at Lucky Jeans Brand. "Don't be afraid of a 'skinny' fit; you don't have to be slim to wear skinny jeans."
  • Waistband Placement: The waistband should hit below the belly button and should be stretchy. You should feel support but it should not pinch or trigger spillover. "The key to avoid muffin top is to avoid wearing jeans that are WAY too tight," says Nate Freeman, Creative Director Of 4 Stroke, the indie rock n' roll-inspired label worn by the likes of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. "If you are on the short side and have curves avoid super tight skinny jeans because they will make you look shorter and wider in the middle. Wear a slimmer straight leg in a dark wash."
  • Avoid "Whiskering" and "Fading": "Whiskering" is the treatment applied to denim in which faded lines are added in the certain areas (usually the crotch, thighs, knees). Sometimes these lines can accentuate and widen your hips. "Fading" is to be avoided if you are craving a clean look. The denim discoloration will draw attention to unwanted areas (like the thighs and butt) and highlight them.
  • Look for Clean Washes: Whether you chose a light or dark wash (the latter is generally the most flattering across the board), make sure the lines are kept simple. Contrast stitching, embellished pockets, or excessive distress can add volume. "Wash can help create a slimmer look," says Griffin. "Dark washes tend to be more slimming versus lighter washes."
  • Pocket Placement: "This is very important," says Freeman. "In Europe I see lots of jeans with long pockets that come all the way down past the butt, and it looks good on about three people!" When shopping for that coveted pair of perfect jeans, your first instinct is to immediately turn around and look at how your butt looks. Assess the where the pockets hit on your body. The bottom of the pocket should be in alignment with the very top of your thigh. Low pockets will sag or flatten the butt instead of contouring it.
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