Arbonne's newest eye cream contains a blend of 9 anti-aging botanicals. Courtesy photo.

I've never met an eye cream I didn't want to try.

No matter how many times I've been disappointed or let down, the promise of a rejuvenating cushion of moisture that brightens up my eyes makes me hope that this time, things will be different.

So it was with great curiosity and a little cynicism that I approached Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Eye Crème.

We recently covered the direct-sales brand's skincare revamp, to a brand new line based on nine anti-aging botanicals blended together. One of the star ingredients is a stabilized version of Vitamin C, which Arbonne claims is especially potent in delivering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to sun and age-wearied skin.

The first thing I noticed right off the bat is the luxurious silkiness of the eye cream; it felt soothing and comforting to apply to eyes both in the morning and at night. (Though for $55 a pop, it had better feel luxurious.) It also has a delicate citrus fragrance which reminds me of the scent of a fancy spa facial.

The satiny texture of the cream made it an ideal base underneath my concealer, which I found glided over the treated area and blended more easily -- those tiny snags and crevices that my makeup tends to catch in were a non-issue. Yet the cream wasn't so thick so as to make the concealer settle into fine lines a couple hours later; rather, it just acted like a sheer, gossamer layer between skin and concealer.

I was hooked. I even found a dab applied at the end of the day helped refresh me for dinner plans.

As for the standout ingredients, think squalane, alfalfa seed extract, ginseng root, rosemary leaf and orange peel oils and clover flower extract.

After several weeks of use, I'm enjoying a noticeably softer feel to my eye area, along with a gentle firming and softening of fine lines.

The one thing I didn't see any change in? Dark circles. Thanks for the genetics, Mom.