Photos: Courtesy of Banana Republic

DESIGNER: Simon Keene, Creative director and EVP of design

INSPIRATION: The lack of definition between what we wear to work, to play, to relax. Pairing masculine shapes with feminine details. The Himalayas, with a nomadic feel.

WHO WAS THERE: Fashion editors of the top women's mags – People StyleWatch, InStyle, Elle, Glamour, Oprah, Harper's Bazaar and so on.

TOP LOOKS: Cardi, cardi, cardi – from the simple, to the oversized cable knits, to the more shaped blazer jackets – it's all about the cardigan. Some of the outerwear pieces, like the camel wool military jacket, were super-strong as well.

ACCESSORIES: Cool, poufy shearling top hats. Sturdy cone-heeled suede boots in a sky blue color.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: It is so refreshing to see a presentation, from what is primarily a mall store, that does not have some sort of grouping that's obviously been designed to appeal to First Lady Michelle Obama, and the ladies who think they should dress like her. There's none of that in this collection. That said, it's not exactly the same Banana Republic that had a wide appeal. This collection is very fashion-y with shrunken blazers and cargo pants and trousers that have evolved into leggings with pockets. It was a very well-styled presentation, utilizing mountains of BR items, yet most looks were not fussy, but just interestingly layered.