lavanila baby

The Healthy Baby Collection from Lavanila. Courtesy photo

Here's a scary fact: According to the Environmental Working Group, every day children are exposed to an average of 27 personal care ingredients that have not been found to be safe for kids.

Moms can't control everything that comes in contact with their kids, but for those who are looking to stack the odds in their favor, Lavanila has introduced the Healthy Baby Collection, a one-hundred percent natural, one-hundred percent chemical-free line of skincare products suitable for newborns, babies, kids, or anyone who wants to smell like a yummy baby.

Lavanila co-founders Danielle Raynor and Laura DiGirolamo know a thing or two about avoiding synthetic ingredients and potential toxins. The two started their company with an all-natural, luxury fragrance, created because both women suffer from allergies when exposed to traditional perfumes made with synthetic ingredients.

Raynor and DiGirolamo have a long list of chemicals that they won't let near their products, including parabens, phthlates, propylene glycol, and petrochemicals. Instead, the Healthy Baby Collection is chock full of 30 vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin development.

"The 30 essential vitamins and minerals are a proactive approach -- they're constantly working to build healthier skin," explains Raynor. The whole idea being that healthier skin is able to better resist irritating environmental elements in our everyday world. "40% of unscheduled visits to the pediatrician are because of skin issues. [These products] are like a mutli-vitamin for baby skin," she says.

The Healthy Baby Collection, which includes a hair and body wash, lotion, diaper balm, cream, and SPF 40 sunblock, can be found exclusively on now and is launching in Sephora stores on May 13.

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