Vichy Laboratoires's new Aqualia Antiox Serum requires mixing and refrigeration before your first use. Courtesy photo.

In the ever-increasing number of antioxidant-ingredient discoveries, vitamin C continues to top the list of studies judging overall anti-aging effectiveness.

And French skin-care company Vichy Laboratoires claims to have harnessed a super potent 10% version of vitamin C in their newest product, Aqualia Antiox Pure Citrus Polyphenol Serum.

The brand -- whose name stems from the mineral-rich and antioxidant-saturated thermal spring water from Vichy, France, which is used in all of their products -- has blended vitamins C and E with a citrus polyphenol so pure that the skin serum must be kept refrigerated to maintain stability.

The science focuses on treating oxidative stress, which is one of the main causes of aging. As early as age 30, our natural skin stem-cell regeneration rate starts slowing down. Even though stem cells have the amazing capacity to regenerate over 100 billion times over, they lay dormant deep in the basal layers until activated.

Vichy conducted studies that claim to show pure citrus polyphenol being very effective in protecting those skin stem cells, since it's able to penetrate the stem cell at the heart of the cell nucleus, which puts the entire cell to work.

Vitamins C and E were then added because they work synergistically well together, providing skin with antioxidant protection and hydration.

"Stem-cell research is a very explosive and exciting topic that will be a huge research buzzword in the coming years," Miami dermatologist Dr. Alysa Herman said at the product's NYC launch.

One day before using the serum, you must play chemist: Open the bottle, pour in the accompanying powder, and shake to activate the ingredients. Swivel on the dropper top, close, and refrigerate overnight. The souped-up serum is ready for use the next morning. Paraben and preservative free, the mixture uses the cool refrigerator air as a natural preservative.

The serum retails for $45 and can be purchased online. A daily SPF 12 moisturizer with pure citrus polyphenol and a cooling, travel-ready antioxidant eye-balm stick accompany the serum launch.

Dr. Herman stresses that whatever antioxidants you use, now is the time to add the disease-fighters to your skin-care regime.

"Skin cancer used to be a disease of our grandparents, but my patients are now in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. It's so alarming to see such young people coming in with cancerous spots. The sun's rays are stronger than ever because of the thinning ozone, and no matter how much we educate people on protecting and caring for their skin, they still bake in the sun."

Your best defense? A diet and skin-care regime replete with antioxidants, regular exercise, and safe sun practices that include daily protection of SPF 30 or more, and the avoidance of tanning beds and baking in the sun during the direct-ray hours of 12pm to 3pm.