La Lohan models her collection. Photo: Courtesy of 6126

It doesn't make sense, nor should it work, but it does.

Lindsay Lohan's 6126 collection started as a leggings-only company, which was a bit questionable, but it seemed to capture the moment when leggings were hot, but hadn't yet gone mass.

Now that practically every woman in American has multiple pairs of leggings and wears them under everything, what can this company do? Smartly, expand into ready-to-wear.

This is not fashion for every woman by any stretch of the imagination. Leggings (and jeggings) are the base for just about every outfit in this collection, which isn't a bad thing. There are fuller, slouchy blouses, oversized cowl neck pullovers (apparently Lindsay loves a hood) all in slick fabrics and most decorated with sequins or beading.

There are also sleek little form-fitting numbers that most would consider to be camisoles or perhaps even bustiers. Big mistake – these were La Lohan's versions of dresses. The outerwear pieces were some of the best in the collection – a great motorcycle jacket with chain detail on the lapels and chic puffer coats with horizontal quilting.

Currently carried at Neiman Marcus, Big Drop, Kitson and Planet Blue, Lohan is not resting on her laurels – coming for spring 2011 – a collection of 6126 handbags.

Now if we could just get her to skip the bad behavior at Coachella and come to her market appointments, we'd think she was serious.