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As one of the most photographed ladies at Fashion Week, 14-year-old blogger Tavi Gevinson has captured the eyes of the fashion flock with her blue-gray locks, their ire with her view-blocking hats, their ears with her public speaking engagements, and many of their hearts with her blog,

But yesterday, followers of her online musings were met with the message: "This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only."

Blogger had grounded Tavi, and just a few days after her 14th birthday (which the petite fashion pundit celebrated by judging a fashion film contest, natch).

The Style Rookie made a cub reporter mistake.

"OOPS, I violated Blogger's Terms of Service so they made my blog private. Not sure what I did and I don't find out for a couple days. Blah," said Gevinson via her Twitter stream. "Dunno if it's the birthday picture (I've posted editorials w/ nudity before) or an FTC thing. Blahhh."

But later, Tavi tweeted: "Looks like it was the Yohji photo. Oh come ON."

In honor of her birthday, Gevinson had posted a partially-clad picture of model Maggie Rizer wrapped in ribbon, from Yohji Yamamoto's Spring 1998 campaign, which violated Blogger's Terms of Service for nudity.

The good news is that Gevinson's blog is back up today. Responding to cries to "Free Tavi" on Twitter, a Google (which owns Blogger) spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal: ""The blog in question was mistakenly taken down by our automated system. As soon as we became aware of this, we immediately reinstated it. We have reached out to the user and apologized for the inconvenience."

But Tavi may face the larger issue of photographer rights as her blog becomes more popular -- the same situation Perez Hilton faced when his blog became widely read. Photographers and their agencies have rights to the photos they take and, technically, anyone who uses the photo on their site needs to pay for it or face legal consequences. Five celebrity photo agencies sued Hilton in April 2007 over his unlawful use of copyright pictures without payment or credit.

The agencies usually don't go after the small fishes, but once a blog starts making substantial money off its advertising, or gains a large following, the photographers may ask the blogs to pay up.

Regardless, now that Gevinson's blog is gaining popularity, it's time trade the clutches of Blogger -- which can shut her down at anytime like an overbearing parent -- for her own site.

And Tavi agrees.

She lated posted to Twitter: " Need my own domain, dammit! Then I'll post as many naked ads as I want! Not really! That's kinda weird! Now who's the punk who turned me in!"