Gap's new Stay fragrance is a light, wearable version of summer floral. Courtesy photo.

If you're looking for a light new summer fragrance to love, Gap is betting they have your solution.

Rolling out to stores right now, Stay is Gap's gentle new scent formulated to smell bright and floral-y without overwhelming you -- or the people around you.

"With Stay, we wanted to embody the freshness of a summer evening. Its bright, light scent is like a whisper on the skin, making that ephemeral, perfect summer moment last all year long," says Patrick Robinson, Gap's EVP of Design.

With top notes of green hydrangea and soft freesia, Stay's middle notes go subtle with light blue lotus and blooming white peony. The two key bottom notes of amber musk and driftwood are blended to balance out the florals, and to keep the scent on the delicate side.

We're loving the placid blue packaging, which reminds us of sunny beach days under a cloudless and blue open sky. Yet funny enough, it wasn't the turquoise of oceans or summer skies that inspired the Gap folks to come up with this shade -- rather, it was the hue chosen by Pantone as the color of the year for 2010.

They're not alone; from Chanel's Nail Vernis in Nouvelle Vague to Nars' light, wearable Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Burn It Blue, turquoise is a major summer color must-wear.

While the 3.5 and 1.7 fl oz bottles are available from $25 to $35, we suggest dipping your toes with the .33 oz bottle priced at a budget-friendly $8.50, before you make a fuller commitment to the scent.

Because, after all -- us women are all about options. In related news, be sure to check out which model is the new face of Prada's scent.