Lithos large double drop turquoise earrings brighten things up for spring. Photo:

There's a reason Pantone chose turquoise as the 2010 color of the year. It's calming, yet vibrant. Tropical, yet classic.

And, when it comes to turquoise jewelry, it's simply timeless.

"Turquoise fits the American sense of casual style and comfortable elegance, and it is a stone that immediately conjures up the Southwest," says Melissa Oster, owner of Oster Jewelers in Denver, Colo. "It is an integral part of American history, culture, beauty and design."

In fact, turquoise worn as jewelry dates back to ancient Egypt, Oster tells StyleList, and it's been weaving in and out of fashion trendiness ever since. "It illuminates and brightens anyone who wears it and the azure blue green compliments all skin types," she says.

Carol Brodie, former director of communication for Harry Winston and now the curator of the collection Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie for HSN, tells StyleList that it's the striking color of turquoise that makes it so popular.

"It tends to be more of a warm weather gem, so as soon as we start to shed the layers, we fall back in love with turquoise," she says.

Here's how to bring those pieces you've had for years -- and maybe a few new ones, too -- into your spring and summer styles.

A turquoise and diamond pendant from HSN's Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie collection. Photo:

What's new for 2010: "Put on a turquoise necklace and earrings and then layer gold and silver necklaces and bracelets for a thoroughly modern look," Brodie says. "Turquoise set in white agate, wood or onyx is insanely chic."

Oster says this year turquoise is taking on many different personalities. "Large cabochon cuts set in oversized cuffs are big," she says. "A super rich look this year is polished, flat irregular shaped turquoise stones set in 22 carat gold by Lika Behar."

What to wear it with:
  • "For spring and summer, white is the perfect canvas for turquoise," Oster says. "It's crisp and refreshing. Next to sun-kissed skin, a white T-shirt and jeans, it is the quintessential American look."
  • Although turquoise is often paired with coral, turquoise worn with certain red clothing can often be tricky depending upon the color tones. The primary beauty of this stone, however, is that it can go with just about anything, including your basic browns and blacks.
  • Turquoise offers the versatility of jazzing up the classic suit yet carries over into evening and black tie. For those who travel it is the quintessential travel jewelry.
Pile it on:
  • "Turquoise looks best this season paired with cognac, white or black diamonds or with lapis or malachite set in feminine designs that are not too ethnic or chunky," Brodie says.
  • And, Oster adds, because turquoise is strong in appearance, matching sets in earrings and necklaces are often a must, although proportion and design do play a part in that.
  • "A large turquoise and silver cuff stacks wonderfully with a few 18k gold bangles," she says. "A strong, oversized necklace which acts as your centerpiece or focal point may warrant smaller scale earrings in complimentary metals, but topped off with a big turquoise ring, you have a bold, fashion forward look. Smaller bezel set delicate turquoise chains look fantastic layered with multiple silver and gold chains and a pair of hoops. The most important element needed in accessorizing with turquoise or any jewelry is playing with jewelry and confidence in your own style."
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