Honoree Heather Thomson with Janice Combs at the City of Hope's Spirit of Life Award luncheon at Waldorf Astoria. Photo: by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for City of Hope

Yummie Tummie creator Heather Thomson has helped to make shapewear fashionable, and while that deserves a prize in and of itself, she's also a philanthropist who has raised money for the City of Hope foundation. It is her dedication to both practices that earned her - along with Kathie Lee Gifford and Kristin Chenoweth - the Spirit of Life Award on Monday afternoon at New York's Waldorf Astoria.

As part of the luncheon, Thomson presented a Yummie Tummie fashion show that not only showed off her good looking shapewear, but also served as the debut of her ready-to-wear dresses. There were two woven numbers with cinched waists – one strapless and one with a ruffle and straps. There were also the expected body-clinging knit dresses that could give Herve Leger's bandage frocks a run for their money.

Thomson, who was wearing a midnight blue strapless waist-cincher of her own design, pointed out it was not just the wide belt that pulled her in. "There's Yummie fabric on the inside of the dress," she told StyleList, "so when I cinch the belt, I still have coverage," instead of muffin top (and bottom).

While the atmosphere at the luncheon was upbeat, it was Chenoweth, ever the comedienne, who got the biggest laugh. "Next year, my collection 'Itty Bitty' will be on the runway," joked the petite actress. "Thanks to Heather for helping me cover up my muffin top."

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