Your hair can look as good as Gisele's at the beach -- really! Photo: Getty Images

Bands aren't the only thing on tour over the summer.

With all those beach outings, road trips, outdoor concerts and weekend getaways, your hair is basically on tour too.

Luckily, so is John Frieda. Today, the hair giant kicks of its cross-country "Style On Site" tour in New York's Times Square, bringing John Frieda's hottest stylists (along with BCBG's styling tips) to a city near you as it continues on to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Chicago.

In the spirit of summer touring, we asked Harry Josh, John Freida's international creative consultant, whose lovely-locked clients include Gisele, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Seyfried, to weigh in on summer traveling tips for our tresses.

According to Josh, there's no reason why your own hair can't look amazing, despite heat and humidity that can drive frizz to frenetic levels. Here's his advice.

Go With the Flow
Josh's motto is don't fight with what you've naturally got. "I think letting your hair do what it does naturally is the best way to ensure that it looks good; hair that's overworked is exhausting, and also causes damage," he warns. "Summer is the best time to give your hair a break. Just focus on a few key products that protect it from summer elements (sun, weather, chlorine, etc) and it will always look great. I love loose waves, but a simple chignon is super chic, casual and perfect for summer."

Harry Josh suggests starting the smoothing process in the shower with a frizz-squelching shampoo. Courtesy Photo

Fun in the Sun
What works in other seasons may not be appropriate now, so Josh suggests cutting your usual heat-styling routine. "Summer conditions are almost guaranteed to send things haywire, so don't go overboard. Start your routine in the shower with a smoothing shampoo, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner duo, then let your hair dry naturally and apply just a touch of a smoothing lotion to calm flyaways," he says. "A simple ponytail high atop the head, or a low chignon at the nape of the neck are always perfect summer styles."

Take Care
The right products are essential for healthy hair. "I like the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Shampoo and Conditioner because the duo works to neutralize brassy tones while also absorbing UV light," says Josh. "An at-home glaze treatment, mask or deep conditioner will help boost shine and moisture, but if you have tremendously damaged hair you may need to make a trip to the salon to have a repairing treatment."

Product Placement
Summertime elements can do a number on your hair, which is why Josh is all about John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Serum and Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon. "I use these on every client, no matter the hair type," he says. "These are great for summer because they protect hair against UV damage and the Secret Weapon even has sunscreen in it. I like to prep and protect hair with the Thermal Serum before heat styling, and then smooth a touch through dry hair for extra protection."

Good advice, since we can think of about a million better things to do in the summer than our hair.

Now that you know how to care for your hair, here are some great ideas for summer hair styles.