Crystal Bowersox American Idol

Does "American Idol" contestant Crystal Bowersox have the total star package? Dreadlocks and all? Photo: Getty Images for Fox

It's hard to believe that fashion diva, Carrie Underwood, stepped out onto "American Idol" wearing tank tops and overalls. Kellie Pickler went from "cheesy" to "sleek" by the end of the season, according to the show's stylist, Miles Siggins. And even Adam Lambert perfected his edgy style throughout his "Idol" reign.

Siggins and fellow "Idol" stylist, Soyon An, work with the contestants each week to provide fashion guidance -- hoping to shape their star-quality look while maintaining the personality of each competitor.

But with only five weeks to go this season, are we still waiting for the elusive "star" transformation?

Last night on "American Idol" was surprisingly subdued fashion-wise -- even with Crystal Bowersox sporting a large feather hanging in her dreadlocks and Siobhan Magnus wearing a short romper-like dress with cowboy boots. For the guys -- with the exception of "Big Mike" who wore his usual all-black -- it was a night of baggy jeans, untucked shirts and sneakers. Wild hair was also a trend among many of the contestants.

And while maintaining their own style is key, the sometimes sloppy getups make contestants come across as though they are not taking the competition -- or their careers -- seriously.

So who hits the stage already looking like a star?

When compared to the last three weeks of mentors -- Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys and Shania Twain -- none of the would-be Idols match up. And while this is a singing competition, contestants are also on-camera performers, and the total package seems to count in the eyes of many voters.

Siggins agrees. "Judges are looking for star quality, and if a contestant looks like a star when they walk out," he told The Thread, "that's half the battle."

So, who gets your vote as the next "American Idol" with the biggest overall star-quality? How important is a contestant's looks and style to you?

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