Donald Trump

Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images

"You're fired!"

Unfortunately, those are the words Donald Trump uttered not to his hairstylist (who we imagine to be a pimply teen running the cotton candy machine at the carnival), but to an Australian TV station that dared to mock his, um, iconic 'do, Ninemsn reports.

(Wait 'til he sees this!)

A short ad on Australia's FOX8 promoting the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice" has been yanked because the mogul took offense to a faked graphic that saw his signature combover being blown back by powerful winds, according to the site.

"I think they were done in good fun and not meant to be disrespectful to Mr. Trump," Rhona Graff, a spokeswoman for the Trump Organization, told the source.

"However, as a courtesy to him, they have been pulled."

A FOX8 spokeswoman, meanwhile, reportedly confirmed that the hair-raising ad "had been fired."

Bummer. We'll just have to resume hanging outside Trump Towers with our hairdryers set on high if we want to see what's under that nest.

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Watch the controversial Trump ad here.