Matthew Williamson Kaftan Belvedere Vodka Pink Grapefruit

Matthew Williamson Kaftan designed for Belvedere Vodka Pink Grapefruit. Photo courtesy of Matthew Williamson

You may have overdone it on the vodka tonics just a teensy bit.

And while that won't stop you from hitting the beach (yikes! is the sun always that bright?), it will stop you from sliding your battered and bloated body into a bikini.

Good thing there's Matthew Williamson's forgiving (and oh so fabulous) new limited-edition kaftan to promote Belvedere Vodka's new Pink Grapefruit flavor.

Set to be launched at the Pink Grapefruit launch party in May by Misshapes DJ and model Leigh Lazark, the summer-perfect silk kaftan sports one of Williamson's signature psychedelic prints and was made for nursing a cool cocktail (hair of the dog, anyone?) from the comfort of your chaise lounge.

And if you're ready for round two, slip on some strappy black heels and a clutch to transition the sexy cover-up into a pm party frock.

You can get your hands on both the Pink Grapefruit flavor and the kaftan (at Matthew Williamson boutiques and online) beginning May 13.

Ooh... all this typing is making us mighty thirsty!

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