British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood singer Reni Lane both rock orange locks. Photo: Getty Images

In case you haven't noticed, more and more bold -- and sometimes neon -- hair colors are popping up on heads around town, including many juicy shades of orange.

While bright orange hair is more of a phase according to Latrice Strader, stylist and owner of Destiny De'Ve Hair Salon & Spa in Washington, D.C., it's not uncommon to see it on a younger, more artsy crowd. "You will find that people with orange hair are typically 13 to 25 years old, students, artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists and those with an artsy background," Strader pointed out.

"This color is also great for those with fair complexions or someone with red or golden undertones," Strader goes on to say. "But if you choose to wear orange and it doesn't complement your skin tone, it will not be projected in a positive way."

Personality is also a big factor in determining who can pull off this look according to Strader. "The person wearing this color is comfortable in their skin, eccentric, outgoing and fearless. It sends a message that you are a risk taker," says Strader. "Confidence is definitely needed to rock this color."

When thinking about what hairstyles are best to complement bursts of orange, Strader says we should think short, chic and hip. "A short pixie cut, graduated bobs, long layers and any graduated hair cut will look awesome with this color."

But for those of us who think a bright, bold orange is just a bit too much of a statement, Strader says that copper tones are a better alternative.

"Orange is not for everyone, but orange is in the copper family. There is a copper shade for everyone. This is a color that is in constant request year round by many clients of all backgrounds. It can safely be worn in many professions, unlike someone wearing a vibrant orange." It's also better for someone with a darker complexion according to Strader.

If you still want a pop of color, another option is highlights or lowlights says Strader. "It adds dimension and it would be my number one choice for orange placements."

Still want to try a bold new color without the commitment? Strader suggests adding extensions. "You can use clip in pieces and there are a variety of weave techniques that can be used that will be safe and allow you to have the flexibility to pop the color in and out," Strader says. "You can be conservative at work and bold and daring at a nightclub."

Think orange hair is bold? Check out Lady Gaga's neon hair in this photo!