Forget Iron Man 2 – Scarlett Johansson has an even sexier movie worth watching: a new video for Dolce & Gabbana, in which the sizzling star spill secrets from her shoot for their Summer 2010 makeup collection, plus some personal revelations of her own.

"For me, makeup is really something that you do to make yourself feel good, and it's time that you take to sort of celebrate yourself," says Johansson. And it's no coincidence that, with her loose blonde waves and impeccably arched eyebrows, the 25-year-old beauty recalls Marilyn Monroe in the video and accompanying ads.

"When I do red-carpet events, I always try to be inspired by Old Hollywood glamour, whether that's Rita Hayworth or Lauren Bacall," she confesses, "so I like to take a lot of looks, especially from that period, but also keep it modern and fresh."

Makeup artist Pat McGrath, hairstylist Oribe, and photographer Solve Sundsbo worked with Johansson on last year's campaign and teamed up with her again for the latest round.

"It's like working with friends," the star gushes. "Pat is keeping everybody just hysterical on set, and Oribe is a master, of course, and his finger are like styling tools, and Solve is just absolutely sweet and couldn't make me feel more comfortable. "

That camaraderie comes through in the campaign. Says Johansson, "I think that the images that we shot were very iconic and classic beauty."

While the actress had a lot of fun on set, she also admits that it was a learning experience. "One of the things that we shot for the new collection is a red lipstick," Johansson recalls. "When we were putting it on I said, 'This is a gorgeous color, what's it called?' And it turns out that it's actually called Scarlett, which is very charming, for me."

StyleList wishes D&G would name one of their lipsticks after her husband Ryan Reynolds so we could pucker up with him!

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