Lindsay Lohan redhead tan

Lindsay Lohan, who is a natural redhead with freckles, is most often seen with a glowing tan. Photo: Amy Graves/

Don't go into the light!

Health officials are seeing red after a new survey from the British Association of Dermatologists found that redheads and people with freckles are among those most likely to use tanning beds, the Daily Mail reports.

Unfortunately, those same groups are at a higher risk for developing skin cancer.

In a survey of 1,064 UK adults, nearly 70 percent reportedly admitted to sunbathing, while 4 percent faked and baked in tanning beds. Just one in four people used bronzers and self-tanners to get a healthy glow.

Among pale-skinned respondents, including redheads and freckle faces, 7 percent copped to using tanning beds, with just over half reportedly knowing that their fair skin put them at a "very high risk" of skin cancer.

Yikes. At least we know Lindsay Lohan plays it safe with self-tanner!

"People with very pale skin will never tan through UV exposure, they will only ever burn," Nina Goad of the British Association of Dermatologists told the Daily Mail.

"If you are very pale and you want a tan, you will most likely find self-tan products far more effective.

"Pale-skinned people are also at far higher risk of skin cancer than other groups, so it is alarming that they are the most inclined to use sunbeds. This shows the pressure on pale-skinned people to tan and the lengths that people will go to for a bronzed look."

C'mon, Red -- instead of scorching your skin to match your fiery locks, how about embracing your pale pallor? All the "Twilight"-ers are doing it!

And if that doesn't convince you, perhaps this will: England and Wales have just reportedly passed legislation banning the use of commercial tanning beds for those under 18.

Nothing like some tough love to help break this "addictive" habit.

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