Britney Spears is currently looking quite foxy and maintaining her famous body well. So how about some fabulous outfits to show it off?

We are so on Team Britney, but we just can't understand why she sometimes chooses unflattering hairstyles, makeup, or clothes when one would assume she has a world of other options.

In this look below, which she wore to a meeting with her lawyer, Britney sports some stiff '70s hair, two necklaces, and a peek-a-boo bra.

She could have done something a little more modern and tasteful with the top, but at least her skinny jeans and boots look great! Take a look at the photo and weigh in on Britney, as well as other stars who've worn questionable outfits recently:

p.s. Without the added distraction of the black lace choker, Brit was right on trend: Her turquoise necklace is a huge accessory this season.