Sometimes, Mother Nature really is the best solution. Photo courtesy of Macadamia Natural Oil

While I was getting a massage recently, during the scalp portion, the therapist suggested I not wash my hair right away because the oils she used are really great for hair.

"Oh, I'll do anything for my hair," I replied. Wow, that sounded totally ridiculous, I thought.

Ridiculous, but totally, utterly true.

My hair has been through a lot, so I like to keep it pampered 24/7. Since I don't need to wash my super-dry hair too often, I look for products I can slather on the day (or two) after a blowout to bring life back to the battered ends and feed my thirsty strands. Macadamia Natural Oil is one of the best I've found in a very long time.

Macadamia Natural Oil combines two of the best moisturizers out there -- macadamia nut oil and argan oil. I tried the Healing Oil Treatment, which can be used on wet or dry hair, and was initially worried it would ruin my blowout by leaving me greasy.

But so not the case! I smoothed a tiny pump of the oil through my hair starting halfway down through the ends. I brushed it through and my hair looked shiny and soft -- not at all greasy. And if the idea of spreading oil on your strands worries you, you can also smooth it onto towel-dried hair before you blow-dry.

This product is a sure to please anyone with dry, frizzy, fried, or curly hair, and it's now a part of my daily regimen.