polaroid cameras

The next-generation Polaroid camera comes in three colors: red, blue and black. Photos courtesy of Polaroid

It was a sad day in February 2008 when Polaroid announced it would stop making its instant film and instant-film cameras.

Fashion and beauty photographers and artists have been using the cameras and film as an integral part of photo shoots for decades, not to mention the legions of instant-film fans and closet-organizing fanatics (who doesn't have Polaroids of each pair of shoes taped to the front of the box?).

But lo, Polaroid's loyal fans did not fade quietly into the night. Rather, they threw a fit as only the fashionable flock can, creating websites, Flickr pages, petitions and even magazine issues devoted to their cause.

Well, the company listened.

To sync up with their fashion cache, the brand named Lady Gaga as its creative director this past January. And realizing there just wasn't a substitute for its instant-gratification photos, they've introduced the next generation, the Polaroid 300 Instant-Film Camera. Guess who's loving it? We hear Amanda Peet and James Franco, and rumor has it Rachel Zoe (we die!) is evaluating its merits. Plus, photographers including Chase Jarvis and Christina Kruse are already incorporating it into their work.

The only drawback to the new camera? This ain't digital -- there's no deleting these babies, so strike a pose and don't forget to jut out your hip at a 45-degree angle to the camera (it's quite slimming).

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