Vanessa Hudgens shirtdress

Vanessa Hudgens rocks the shirt dress trend. Photo: Chris Wolf/

The forecast says nothing but rays for this weekend, and as we trade out parkas for park time, we often find ourselves thinking "Where have all these cute guys been hiding all winter?"

As spring fever takes hold, it's important to have a breezy first date look on hand, something that's stylish but approachable, that plays up your assets while leaving much to the imagination. For this week's installment of The Weekender, we've pulled together a go-to ensemble that would be perfect for daytime drinks, a leisurely stroll, or any other sundrenched flirtation activities.

Style Tips:
  • This white shirt dress has an effortless sexiness to it that's ideal for a day date (and it's not your fault if the cut makes him think about what you'd look like in one of his dress shirts).
  • These sandals have a little lift to them but are easy to walk in, so you can go with the flow of the date rather than having to worry about teetering around in 4 inch platforms.
  • Offset all these neutrals by choosing a bold bracelet like this colorblock cuff or a piece that has a story behind it. It can be good conversation fodder.
  • Sometimes it's the most subtle touches that can give you confidence and put you at ease on a first date. Our two favorite seasonal transition pieces? A bit of bronzer to ward of winter's white skin and a spring scent like Gucci's sophisticated new Flora perfume.