Kristin Davis floral dress

Kristin Davis, 44 and in full bloom. Photo: Axelle,

Sex has done wonders for Kristin Davis's career.

In the May issue of Red magazine, Davis confesses that "Sex and the City" has helped her become more confident about her body and beat ageism to become one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.

Davis, who flaunts her figure in a black corset, tells the magazine, "'You get a lot of criticism out in the world or on the internet about how you look. 'Fat here, fat there. Hippy this, hippy that. That has been my entire career."

But, she makes clear, "No one at 'Sex and the City' has ever asked any of us four girls to lose weight. Thank God."

The brunette beauty, who starred in last year's hit comedy "Couples Retreat," and reprises her role as prim-and-proper Charlotte York in "Sex and the City 2," in theaters May 27, says she once believed she had to accomplish all her goals in her 20s -- otherwise, the opportunities would dry up.

"Remember when we were young, the actresses that we liked? They were young, even though they seemed older to us. And you thought that you had to make it in your 20s, like if you weren't going to make it on your 20s, you weren't going to make it," the former "Melrose Place" star tells Red.

"So the fact I would be turning 45 [she celebrated her birthday in February] and be the busiest, most successful I've ever been is very, very odd.

"And it is all because of 'Sex and the City,' really."

Hey, with any luck, she'll be hosting "Saturday Night Live" when she's 88, just like Betty White!

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