Lindsay Lohan 6126 ad campaign

Lohan models her 6126 fashion line in one of the allegedly uncompensated photos.

Lindsay Lohan's middle name isn't Drama, but it might as well be.

The starlet has been hit with a lawsuit from photographer Scott Nathan over charges that he wasn't paid for the images he took for her 6126 fashion line, news site TMZ reports.

(Guess being paid in leggings isn't enough for some people.)

According to the lawsuit, filed in a federal court, Nathan alleges that he failed to receive the 1 percent stake in the newly expanded 6126 line that he says he was promised, the site reports.

The photographer is also reportedly suing Universal Music Group for allegedly using one of his 6126 images to promote Lohan's single, "Bossy."

As everyone and their grandmother knows, this isn't Lohan's first brush with the law.

The actress was previously sued for allegedly stealing the idea for her Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist and was also accused of lifting 6126 styles from other designers.

Sheesh. Either homegirl needs to, as designer Henry Holland would say, "CTFO" (Chill the F--- Out), or she's got a major target on her back.

We'll let the judge figure that one out.

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