Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker have both recently been spotted in 'undone' ballerina buns. Photo: Getty Images

Paired with boyfriend jeans or a glamorous red carpet gown, the disheveled, downtown ballerina bun is proving to be one of the most versatile hairstyles around.

Easy to achieve (it takes minutes) and a stylish alternative to a ponytail or perfectly coifed chignon, celebrity stylist and Hair Basics expert Ted Gibson calls it, "cool, hip and modern." Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Rachel McAdams must agree: all three starlets were recently spotted sporting one.

What we love most about this easygoing style: there's no right or wrong. The look is intentionally tousled, making it the simplest style to achieve on your own. Watch the video and click through the step-by-step gallery to learn how to achieve the look at home. And visit our Hair Basics section for more easy hair how-tos.